Collection of 16 Specimens. Type Specimens. Bauer Type Foundry.
Collection of 16 Specimens.

Collection of 16 Specimens.

Frankfurt am Main: Bauersche Giesserei, various dates (1926-39 and 4 in the 1950s). Specimens range from 6-54 pages, most about 7 x10 in printed wraps. Text in German unless otherwise noted. Printed in a variety of colors and decorative material emphasizing use.
Das Buch Druckers Schatzkastlein. (54) pp. 1928. A 'treasury' of Bauer type faces, one per page with text concerning the type. In a variety of colors, borders, and initial letters; Bernhard Kursive (Extrafette). (14) pp. (1930); Bernhard Antiqua and Kursive. (8) pp. (1930); Bernhard Roman, Italic, Cursive, & Cursive Ornaments. (12) pp. English, (1930); Bodoni. (36) pp. 1926; Columna (Caflisch) a portfolio of 16 specimens nd; Elisabeth (Elisabeth Friedlander). Antiqua & Cursive. (20) pp. 1939; Folio (Konrad Bauer and Walter Baurn). (32) pp.1950s; Futura (Renner). (27) pp. nd; Legend (Schneidler). (6) pp. nd. Manuscript Gotisch, a portfolio of 19 specimens. 1951; Menhart Antiqua. (20) pp. 1938; Sentenar-Fraktur Initialen (Schneidler). (6) pp nd; Vignetten. Portfolio. (36) pp. nd; Weiss Schriften. (24) pp. (1950s); Weiss Book Types Used in Fine Book Printing. (14) pp. English. 1950.
PLUS: The Bauer Almanac. (24) pp. English. 1939. And Konrad Bauer, Von der Schrift und Ihren Arten, 23pp plus index. An accompaniment to the Stammbaum der Schrift. Item #18249

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