TESUKIWASHI TAIKAN. Bunsho Jugaku, Seikichiro Goto.


Tokyo: The Mainichi Newspapers, 1974. Eleven volumes in 6 cases. 5 large cases (20 x 14 x 5) contain 1000 large, handmade paper specimens plus supplemental specimens and little "extras." There are 200 specimens in each folding cloth case, divided among several paper portfolios. Each specimen is tipped to a larger sheet with a fold-over portion bearing text. Thus, the specimen & text may be viewed at the same time. Case, folders, & specimen sheets are all printed in both English and Japanese. The smaller 6th case contains 6 text volumes & a booklet of photographs. A fine set with all volumes in their original cardboard shipping cases. Item #9803

Tesukiwashi Taikan contains every variety of Japanese handmade paper produced at the time, by about 800 "households." Other papers are included that had not been available for a long time but for which the production techniques had been preserved.
The specimens are grouped into five categories:
Kizukigami -- traditional washi
Sikimoyogami -- paper processed while still moist so that it bears a design or pattern. These may be pulp pictures, or have flora embedded, or relay on thickness & thiness for effects. They have an extraordinary range of colors and effects.
Wazomegami -- paper dyed with grasses and other natural pigments (also known as Irogami).
Kako Washi -- paper treated after the sheet has dried. This includes the addition of gold & silver.
Chiyogami -- paper printed in colors by woodblocks, is considered along with Katazomegami -- paper with patterns dyed into it using stencils (similar to pochoir).
The large size of these specimens is especially useful for this last group. Some supplements are: 2 light-and-shade watermark pictures, small samples of handmade papers from all over the world, a picture of flowers composed of torn-up washi, a sutra printed in gold on black paper. Very numerous brief essays in the text volumes cover everything related to paper--down to the songs workers sing while making paper. Everything about the collection says "we want to give you everything we can--and then some." There aren't enough superlatives to describe this work.
No. 7 of 100 copies of the "overseas limited edition." A 1000 sets for Japan sold out before production began.
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